Skydive Lone Star, Texas's premier skydiving center. USPA C-License information.

C License

3. Persons holding a USPA C license are able to exercise all privileges of a B-license holder, are eligible for the USPA Instructor rating (except USPA Tandem Instructor), participate in certain demonstration jumps, may ride as passenger on USPA Tandem Instructor training and rating renewal jumps, and must have--
a. met all current requirements for or hold a USPA B license
b. completed 200 jumps, including accumulating at least 60 minutes of controlled freefall time
c. landed within two meters of target center on 25 jumps
d. aerial performance requirements, either:
(1) during freefall, perform in sequence within 18 seconds-a backloop, front loop, left 360-degree turn, right 360-degree turn, right barrel roll and left barrel roll
(2) completed at least two points on an 8-way or larger random skydive
e. Passed a written exam conducted by a current USPA I/E, S&TA, or USPA Board member.



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