Experienced Skydivers

Experienced Skydivers at Skydive Lone Star

We would love to see you out here to enjoy our spectacular view. Come jump our Twin Otter for spacious exits and a comfy ride to altitude! Enjoy our new facilities with us! We are working our hardest to make it possible for you to call Skydive Lone Star your home. 

Please bring the following

  • Log Book
  • USPA/FAI license
  • Reserve Packing Data Card

Current Pricing

  • $24 to full alititude

BUY-IN Packages available:

  • 150 jumps for $3150 ($21/jump)
  • 100 jumps for $2200 ($22/jump)
  • 50   jumps for $1150 ($23/jump)

*E-mail us for any available specials at [email protected]

Thursday (Experienced jumpers)

  • $19 Lift tickets to 14,500 ft
  • FREE gear rental
  • $65 coach jumps for student's

Ladies Sundays

  • $19 tickets for ladies after noon
*Prices always subject to change.

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