Lone Star Parachute Center - Spot Calculator - Calculates the spot for jumprun - Lone Star Parachute Center, closest skydiving center to Austin, Houston, San Antonio and San Marcos.

Skydive Lone Star

Free Spot Calculator

This spot calculator is free for anyone to use. It has proven to be a good tool in helping to determine the first spot of the day at Skydive Lone Star, Texas's premier skydiving center. The spot is calculated based on 'total displacement' and will not give a jump-run directly into the ground winds or the upper winds. However when the difference in total displacement and the upper winds are greater than 90 degrees an inverted version is calculated that runs opposite to the total displacement but more into the upper winds entered.

Directions of use

The upper winds that appear in the form are the average of 'HOU' and 'CLL', these values are meant for a spot over Skydive Lone Star. Please get the winds aloft information and enter it into the form below. Please don't forget to also enter the ground wind information. The speed should be entered in 'knots' and the directions in 'degrees' from magnetic North. You can find 'winds-aloft' information at the following website aviationweather.gov (midwest winds aloft)

This tool has proven to be a good help in determining the first spot of the day. Keep in mind that at best it is only as accurate at the winds aloft forecast and is not always 'spot on'. Please use at your own risk. Skydive Lone Star wishes you a safe and enjoyable skydive!

12000 direction:200 speed:07+1
9000 direction:160 speed:08+1
6000 direction:170 speed:09+1
3000 direction:150 speed:21
12000 direction:220 speed:08+0
9000 direction:360 speed:00+1
6000 direction:170 speed:11+1
3000 direction:160 speed:23
Select Aircraft:
12000 - Direction Speed
9000 - Direction Speed
6000 - Direction Speed
3000 - Direction Speed
ground - Direction Speed

Skydiving Weather

We hope this tool is helpfull to you, for more information on Austin, Houston, and San Antiono's Lone Star Parachute Club weather condidions please find weather information on the right

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