Jumpers will be pleased with the sleek new interior and sturdy light-weight bench seats as well as the addition of our new single-point seat belts, which make loading up and belting in a breeze.

Our Aircraft

N837JB is our four-seater Cessna

Our 182 Can fit four people to altitude. Have fun as a licensed jumper hanging on the strut of our plane! Great to learn from as an AFF student.



Can hold 13 people, and get you to altitude in 8 minutes! Coming soon!


N203SF is the area’s premier Super Otter jump ship. Fresh out of restoration, 'Sierra Foxtrot' is sporting a completely new interior, and many updated safety features.

With more room for jumpers, this Super Otter can take 23 jumpers to 14,500 feet in about 18 minutes, with nothing and everything left to be desired after exiting it's huge door! Will be coming back down to Texas again in November. Stay tuned for it's new and improved exterior paint job.

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