Our Dropzone

Our Dropzone











The Airport

Skydive Lone Star is located on a municipal airport right off US-183. A great atmosphere for jumping and plenty of space for packing. Texas's premier dropzone, Skydive Lone Star, is located just 47 miles south from Austin!

Our Aircraft

The King Air is an ideal jump plane accomodating 14 jumper's up to 14,500 ft.! Our aircraft is professionally maintained and operated by certified personnel. Safety always comes first at Skydive Lone Star! 

Great Location

Skydive Lone Star is the premier skydiving center close to Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

Our Facilities

Our facilties include: An office Building with Classroom, which houses manifest (This is where you will check in before you jump), a packing trailer, and a rigging Loft.

Rigging & Gear

Skydive Lone Star offers a wide variety of rigging services. Also Texas's premier skydiving center, Skydive Lone Star is a dealer for many of the leading skydiving equipement manufacturers.

We are proud to offer our students, and experienced jumpers, brand new, state of the art equipment. If you jump our gear and love it, come talk to us! All of our gear is available for purchase.


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